Welcome dreamers!

I am Teresa, the leading analyst of Inside Dreams, a boutique online practice providing analysis of dreams over the phone (if you live in Australia)  and over the Internet, via Skype, Zoom or any other video-conference platform anywhere in the world.


  1. Inside Dreams focuses on dream analysis for personal growth and healing.
  2. Our intention is to help dreamers expand their waking life consciousness by facilitating the communication between the conscious and unconscious mind.
  3. I work with people from all religious and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and nationalities. All I expect from you is to come to dream analysis with a healthy level of openness, tolerance, and respect.
  4. Each person comes to dream analysis for different reasons, and with different expectations, and has different issues of concern. Therefore, I tailor my services to each client.
  5. I’m bilingual. If you wish I can do the sessions in Spanish.


  1. Inside Dreams doesn’t offer dream psychic readings or clinical analysis of dreams. People who are experiencing trauma should seek the support of a mental health professional.
  2. My focus is only on dream analysis. Therefore, I don’t do teaching, meditation, yoga, counselling, or psychoanalysis at this stage.
  3. You have to be over 18y.o.a. to work with me.
  4. Sessions in person are not part of the service.
  5. I don’t analyse dreams on email because it defeats the purpose of dream analysis — that of having the dreamer as an active participant of the exploration not a passive recipient of information.
  6. If you want to develop your lucid capabilities or focus on specific issues related to lucid dreaming, other people will be a better fit for you.


Dreamwork is not for everyone but for those who sign up for the journey. Nobody can force you to explore yourself. Personal transformation, growth, and healing are something that you seek, are ready to do, and nothing that can be funnel-fed to you.

Part of the experience is being open to the practitioner’s guidance and remarks, but also to the analyst challenging your personal myth, narrative and story. You have to be ready to the analyst witnessing those tender, tough, ‘ugly’, and insecure parts of yourself that dreams bring up to the surface, and that always takes courage and vulnerability.  

People who dream regularly and tend to their dreams are natural seekers, have already established communication with the unconscious and will especially benefit from dream analysis. The analysis of one or two dreams will not produce growth, but if you have single, sporadic, intriguing, or recurrent dreams, you will benefit from dream analysis as well. 

Introverts have a natural predisposition towards self-exploration, diving into deep subjects, dealing with complex matters and are a natural fit for dream analysis.

Persons with a passion for Jungian-derived alternative therapies respond really well to the sort of analysis of dreams I do, too. 

If you don’t want to grow as a person or don’t believe that this can be achieved through dream analysis, that’s fine, but then this service is not for you.

What are your expectations about dream analysis? What are you seeking? What is your intention? The answer to these questions will eventually decide whether we are to work together or not.


It will be my pleasure to guide you during your dream exploration. I’m here for you if what I’ve said resonates with you. Dream on!

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