VIDEO: Dreaming by Wei-Shen Wan (2017)

Dreaming from Wang, Wei-Shen on Vimeo. The author says, “This is my graduation project at Savannah College of Art and Design Spring 2017. The tangled pathway through one’s sleeping imagination can effortlessly tangle fondest memories and tortured nightmares.”

This short film is profound, but still approachable in explaining what dreams are, what they bring up for the dreamer, and which elements dreams use.The author says, “Dreams are the fulfillment of desires that only the dreamer can understand.” Such an apparently simple statements full of wisdom.

I really love the use blue hues to depict the night, as well as the use of bold bright colour There are surrealist elements and non-animated bits, all perfectly blended. Overall, the film perfectly captures what some dreams are.

The narrator has an interesting voice. One that one would expect in scientific documentaries. Yet, his voice inflections makes it intriguing and he’s able to convey the poetic mystery that every single dream is. Yet, I miss a bit of emotion. I think if the author himself had narrated it, the emotion would have been there.

A very artistic presentation of what dreams are.

REVIEW: A Little Course in Dreams by Robert Bosnak (1998)

In Short.

id="The_Downsides">justify;">The Goodies.edium wp-image-3051 alignleft" src="" alt="" width="206" height="300" srcset=" 206w, 703w, 739w" sizes="(max-width: 206px) 100vw, 206px" />I had read many books on dreamwork before I came to read this, enticed by a talk given by Bosnak. The book, as some others of his, is a mix of personal working diary on dreams, with reflections and advice to the reader and to himself. This is a little wonder of a book, little as in introductory, not as in simple. Bosnak is a Jungian analyst so you can’t get the Jungian out of him, nor would want to). This is, precisely, what makes his approach to dreams so profound.

The Goodies.

VIDEO: The Rehabilitation of Sleep (2015)

The Rehabilitation of Sleep from Josh Shaffner on Vimeo.

I love this short film.  Its painterly quality, the mood, the imagery and the story really capture the sensations and nature of the process of being an insomniac and o dreaming.

I really like Shaffner’s mix of lights and colours to create different moods. The airiness, freshness and realism of the imagery for the awaken life, and the dark golden brown rich surrealism and complexity of the images of the dream. Shaffner hand-painted all of this film, and the resulting painting as well. This being a time-lapse animation, I was expecting some level of delayed motion, which is just natural for the genre. However, the film also has a natural flow and organicity to it and somewhat mimic the tempo that some dreams have. Bosch‘s Garden of Earthly Delights and some images by contemporary Polish surreal graphic artists immediately came to mind.

When I first watched this film I thought that Shaffner is a dreamer, too. I mean, this seems not to be  just an arty abstract project of his. Firstly, from a dreamer point of view, the clip perfectly captures how shapes, characters and surroundings morph in our dreams. I think it also captures that quality of just waking up, having a dream floating around, and you close your eyes to get back to it, and then you get bits and pieces of that dream, a dream that it is not totally complete formed in your memory. Shaffner is also precise at depicting the anxiety that we get when are insomniacs, and the noisy dreamworld that we get when we get to sleep once anxiety has cast its anchor in us.

I find the rendition of dreams in art, from a purely visual point of view, very tricky because artists tend to focus on the characters or the narrative elements od the dream not on the nature of the dreaming process, which I think Shaffner does remarkably well.

There is nudity and a sex scene in the film, so not for minors.

REVIEW: In the House of the Riddle Mother: The Most Common Archetypal Motifs in Women’s Dreams by Clarissa Pinkola Estés (2009)

In Short.

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Pinkola Estés is not only a reputed Jungian psychologist, but also a natural storyteller and a wonderful writer.

In this audiobook, she’s able to link and connect dream themes, real dreams from real people, and world legends, fairytales and myths. She also looks at dreams as part of a whole, as a world of magic that it’s intricately related to other magic worlds.

Pinkola has a very mellow soothing voice, perfect for a therapist, but her whispering is not only a sweet song to your ears, but also a deep poetic and humorous exploration of our dream world.

I Loved.

I love some of the stories Clarissa intercalates in the book.

NEWS: DreamTime Winter 2020 Issue

The new issue of DreamTime for year 2020 has just been published. It contains a very interesting, eclectic and enjoyable issue of DreamTime with articles from different dream experts, researchers and artists. I’m one of the contributors, with an article on dreamscapes, which also includes some of my digital artwork. My name is not on the cover but I am in.

Contact the IASD office ( on how to purchase the paper copy or PDF copy. Prices are very cheap, and you will be supporting a wonderful organisation that invest every penny on supporting dream research, and has scholarships and grants for young researchers and artists working on dreams.

If you become a member of the IASD, the copies of the IASD’s DreamTime and Dreaming magazines for the year you are subscribing to will be offered to you on digital format for free.

This is just an image, not the whole magazine, so you cannot download anything by clicking on it!

REVIEW: Healing the Nightmare, Freeing the Soul. A Practical Guide to Dreamwork by M. Bowater (2016)


span class="ez-toc-section" id="The_So-so">lass="ez-toc-section" id="The_Five_Stages_of_Healing_Appearing_in_Nightmares_Series">c-section" id="What_to_Do_if_a_Child_Shows_Trauma_Reactions">id="The_Seven-Step_Model">e="color: #e30e27;">Useful Tips.-toc-section" id="Dream_Collection">um wp-image-3033 alignleft" src="" alt="" width="197" height="300" srcset=" 197w, 328w" sizes="(max-width: 197px) 100vw, 197px" />If you have never read a book about nightmares and want to start with one that is written in lay language, simple to understand, enjoyable to read, and with a good selection of nightmares, this is your book.

Best Bits.

VIDEO: Grete Stern’s Dreams

Grete Stern’s Dreams from Nano Festival on Vimeo. The film just shows Greste Stern‘s very-rare book with photo-collages that go from 1948 till 1951, pre-Photoshop photography. The photos were based on real people’s dreams. To contextualize the work, please visit this article in The New Yorker. Y You can find an interesting article on her on ou can also get some information about the exhibition that the MOMA devoted to her and her husband Horacio Coppola in 2015 HERE. Her art still feels fresh and modern!

REVIEW: The Three ‘Only’ Things by Robert Moss (2008)


_of_Imagination">"ez-toc-section" id="2_The_9_Rules_of_Coincidence">lass="ez-toc-section" id="1_The_9_Powers_of_Dreaming">"color: #e30e27;">Core of the Book.nleft" src="" alt="" width="193" height="300" srcset=" 193w, 322w" sizes="(max-width: 193px) 100vw, 193px" />This is a good simplified version of Robert Moss‘ book Conscious Dreaming and, therefore, perfect for beginners.

The three simple things are dreamwork, synchronicity (or mindful coincidence) and Active Imagination (visualization + creative imagination).

I Liked.

VIDEO: Oneiric Hotel by Julijonas Urbonas

This is another Julijonas Urbonas’s fascinating artistic project inspired by dream lab research. This artistic production was exhibited in Lisbon and Lithuania.  The original project website is no longer available. The author’s amazing art projects, many of them related to dreams, are available on his website.

Oneiric Hotel from Julijonas Urbonas on Vimeo. “Oneiric Hotel is a pop-up hotel equipped with special dream-directing equipment — an artistic reconstruction of the few successful psychophysiological sleep experiments that managed to induce and direct lucid dreams. Oneiric Hotel reenacted these experiments as bespoke experiences for the visitors, transposed from the scientific laboratory to the set of a pop-up hotel. Equipped with dream-inducing contraptions and techniques, the public was invited to take a nap in sleep capsules, entering into the dream experiments in their own way. The ‘scientific subjects’ became the designers of their own oneiric experiments.”


REVIEW: The Third Reich of Dreams: The Nightmares of a Nation, 1933-1939 by Charlotte Beradt (1968)

Social Dreaming.

-section" id="Identity_Papers">stify;"> Dreams?lass="ez-toc-section" id="No_Nazis_Dreams">7;s Dreams." id="Complex_Language">ology">: justify;">Freshness.ughts."ez-toc-section" id="The_It_Question">ction" id="Premonitions">s Dreams.lass="ez-toc-section" id="Bettleheims_Layer">class="ez-toc-section" id="Epilogue">span>"ez-toc-section" id="Feelings">olor: #e30e27;">Nuggets./b> class="ez-toc-section" id="Pals-with-Hitler_Dreams">ss="ez-toc-section" id="Wishy-Washy_Dreams">class="ez-toc-section" id="Resistance_Dreams"> class="ez-toc-section" id="Wrong-Race_Dreams">n class="ez-toc-section" id="Dissociative_Dreams">span class="ez-toc-section" id="Unable-to-Speak_Dreams">ez-toc-section" id="Spied-on_Dreams">an class="ez-toc-section" id="Propaganda_Dreams">b>>Publication.-medium wp-image-2938 alignleft" src="" alt="" width="187" height="300" srcset=" 187w, 312w" sizes="(max-width: 187px) 100vw, 187px" />I came through this book thanks to an article in the New Yorker and an interview with the psychotherapist Martha Crawford (who has recently carried out a research project on Trump dreams) in which she quotes this book as a source of inspiration.

This is a terrific book that feels as fresh and poignant as ever. The book covers the period that precedes WW2. Many of these dreams came to light before the racial laws, persecution, denigration and killing of Jews started.

The book is short and fascinating, but not an easy read by any means. The dreams Beradt selected are really interesting, most of them very expressive.

Dream Reports.

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