Natural Dream Telepathy

Natural Dream Telepathy sounds an odd combo of words, doesn’t it? Yet, the premise of this blog entry is that it is not.

Imagine this case scenario: You are depressed or overjoyed. You haven’t talked to your mother for weeks, but are thinking about her. At that very moment your mother rings.

Most people have experienced this, and nobody would say it’s supernatural or paranormal, right? You don’t see serious scientists doing ECGs on selected subjects in labs to prove that this is real. This is so because most people, scientists included, have experienced this to happen often.

Dream telepathy is something similar. It is just that the phenomenon is less common and it’s experienced by fewer people — normal people with human brains and human bodies, not lizards from planet whatever or X-Men.

Growing your Dreams Grows You

Growing your dreams helps you grow. This is one of the premises of analytical (Jungian) psychology to achieve individuation, a process of self-realisation where there is a higher integration of our conscious and unconscious minds.

One of the few ways we can get access to our unconscious mind is by looking at our dreams. So, how does the analysis of dreams help us grow as a person? How long does it take for us to transform? What sort of growth does dreamwork promote?

Don’t Cultivate Weeds

Nightmare Screech

The dreadful nightmare. You wake up with the heart pounding, covered in sweat, and distressed; at times you wake up yelling and/or crying. Very often nightmares involve villain characters, imaginary monsters or animals to which you have a phobia pursuing or attacking you.

If the dreams relate to traumatic events, like accidents, death, war and torture, they can put you in the situation you  most dread.

What is a Nightmare?

The Voice of the Dream

There is something magic, transformational and grounding about dreamwork. Your soul, your psyche, your dream master, your true self, your true essence (whatever you want to call it) finds its voice through your dreams.

The Dream Voice is Multidimensional

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