VIDEO: Dreaming by Wei-Shen Wan (2017)

Dreaming from Wang, Wei-Shen on Vimeo. The author says, “This is my graduation project at Savannah College of Art and Design Spring 2017. The tangled pathway through one’s sleeping imagination can effortlessly tangle fondest memories and tortured nightmares.”

This short film is profound, but still approachable in explaining what dreams are, what they bring up for the dreamer, and which elements dreams use.The author says, “Dreams are the fulfillment of desires that only the dreamer can understand.” Such an apparently simple statements full of wisdom.

I really love the use blue hues to depict the night, as well as the use of bold bright colour There are surrealist elements and non-animated bits, all perfectly blended. Overall, the film perfectly captures what some dreams are.

The narrator has an interesting voice. One that one would expect in scientific documentaries. Yet, his voice inflections makes it intriguing and he’s able to convey the poetic mystery that every single dream is. Yet, I miss a bit of emotion. I think if the author himself had narrated it, the emotion would have been there.

A very artistic presentation of what dreams are.

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