VIDEO: The Dream Film by Javiera Estrada (2017)

THE DREAM FILM from Javiera Estrada on Vimeo. The Dream is a surreal short film about the subconscious world of dreams interpreted through dance and abstract imagery. It is an epic journey of the human spirit through the power of visual beauty, movement and the fierce influence of our minds.

There are many short films, animated or not, that depict the world of dreams, real or imagined they might be. But there aren’t many films that focus on the subject of dreams expressed throughout dance. In that regard, this video is unique. As a lover of dance, this video is wonderful per se. However, as dream analyst, I find it especially interesting the most oneiric parts of it, which are the beginning and the ending. I love the way the liminal state is presented as well as the use of underwater images to depict the subconscious.

This indie project is just beautiful. As I’ve said in other posts, I find the artistic depiction of dreams fascinating, especially when it is not based on people’s real dreams but on the concept of what dreams are.

Some of questions that came to mind when watching this film are:

  • Do dancers dream of their training, in the same way that I dream of some of the repetitive tasks I do for work?
  • Are their dreams more musical than those of the rest of us?
  • Does dance overpowers their dream world?
  • Does their psyche express their issues and inner life in a more kinetic way than the rest of us?
  • Are their dreams more artistic, if you wish?

if you are a dancer, drop a line and let me know about your dreamworld.

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