REVIEW: Dream Gates by Robert Moss (2006)


Dream Gates is a sort of dreamwork manual, as it touches on a great array of subjects related to dreams. Moss provides information about dream recording, dream interpretation, dream re-entry, dream anecdotes and stories, and even the quotes he mentions.

Dreams about the future, healing dreams, shamanistic dreams, dreams about the deceased and spiritual entities, counselling dreams. Anything and everything about the world of dreams is in this book. There are plenty of real dreams examples mentioned, all of them interesting and surprising, and they come from Moss’ own oneiric world and from that of his circle of friends and workshops participants. Part of his dreamwork approach is the world of synchronicity and active imagination, and he discusses both subjects in this book.

Rehash with Add-ons.

Dream Gates is very much Conscious Dreaming book regarding the information Moss provides. The advantage of this book with regards to Conscious Dreaming, to me, is that here Moss devotes time to guide us using practical exercises, drumming reentry included, so you will be able to put into practice his advice, even if you are alone at home and don’t have a drum. Moss will be your master of ceremonies.


Robert Moss is a great narrator and a great teacher. Unlike other audio books, Dream Gates is not only informative, but also entertaining. Moss knows how to read, how to speak in public, how to give his voice the correct inflection so that everything he tells us sounds natural, engaging, lively, energetic, but also well-structured regarding content. You won’t get bored or sleepy. The audiobook feels as if Moss was at home with you giving you a private lesson or you were attending one of his workshops.

Audible Version.

I’ve listened to Dream Gates in Audible format as, at the time, I could not find the book on Kindle. Like most Audible books, they are really-good quality regarding sound production. I love the fact that you can add bookmarks to the audiobook, which is perfect to bookmark the drumming sessions. You can also write notes if you want. I only miss that the chapters were titled on the Audible format, not just numbered.

In Short.

If I had to recommend you a Moss’s book, this would be it. It has most of what he has said before regarding dreams and dreamwork, but with the advantage of including practical exercises that you can do with him. First published in 1996, the book still  feels fresh and engaging. Great value for money, too.

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