REVIEW: The Three ‘Only’ Things by Robert Moss (2008)

This is a good simplified version of Robert Moss‘ book Conscious Dreaming and, therefore, perfect for beginners.

The three simple things are dreamwork, synchronicity (or mindful coincidence) and Active Imagination (visualization + creative imagination).

I Liked.

The book reads with gusto, it is entertaining, easy to follow and well organized. If you have read Moss’ Conscious Dreaming or other of his older books, this book will disappoint you, as he repeats many of the things he said there. However, if this is the first book you read by Moss, you will enjoy it and will probably buy others.

The book has Moss’ usual engaging chatty style and is very entertaining and informative, overall. Moss offers plenty of examples coming from his own’s and other people’s dreams, and plenty of historical anecdotes and curious information about the transforming power of dreams, synchronicity and imagination in people’s lives. Other things I liked are:

  • His dream interpretation how-to, step by step.
  • How to ask the world to give you an answer on any pressing query of yours.
  • Dream reentry.
  • Life Oracle playing.
  • Moss’s comments on the Muslim dream culture.
  • How to react to children’s comments on their dream world.
  • Comprehensive up to date bibliography.

Core of the Book.

The book revolves about the following statements and points.

1/ The 9 Powers of Dreaming.

  1. We solve problems in our sleep.
  2. Dreams coach us for future challenges and opportunities.
  3. They hold up a magic mirror to our actions and behavior.
  4. Dreams show us what we need to do to stay well.
  5. They are a secret laboratory.
  6. Dreams are a creative studio.
  7. They help us to mend our divided selves.
  8. Dreaming is a key to better relationships.
  9. Dreams recall us to our larger purpose.

2/ The 9 Rules of Coincidence.

  1. There are things that like to happen together.
  2. Thoughts are actions and produce effects.
  3. Coincidence multiplies when we are in motion.
  4. Life rhymes.
  5. The world is a forest of symbols.
  6. Every setback offers an opportunity.
  7. To find our way, we may need to get lost.
  8. Look for the hidden hand.
  9. The passions of the soul work magic.

3/ The 7 Open Secrets of Imagination.

  1. By picturing our blocks, we can move beyond them.
  2. The body believes in images.
  3. If we’re able to see our destination, we’re better than halfway there.
  4. The Big Story is hunting us.
  5. There is a place of imagination, and it is entirely real.
  6. We can grow a vision for someone in need of a vision.
  7. The stronger the imagination, the less imaginary the results.


If you’ve read any of Moss’s other books, you don’t need this because it’s a rehash of things he has said many times before.

The rendering for Kindle isn’t good. The book is severely affected by linking words that should be separated, as if the electronic conversion had eliminated some of the necessary spacing.

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