Please download the document linked from the below button, read it and sign it (electronically or manually) and email it back to me.  If you don’t do so, by default, you are automatically subscribing the herein agreement declaration and liability waver.


By signing this document I state that I fully subscribe to the following statement:

1. I have read and agree with the Code of Ethics and Liability Waver as posted on this website.

2. I know that the main practitioner of Inside Dreams is not a licensed physician, counsellor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker and cannot give me such services.

3. I understand that working with dreams might bring up many positive feelings and experiences but also many others that are not pleasant (for example, pain, sadness, shame, and angst) and that they might affect me during and/or after the session. I understand that Inside Dreams is a service that focuses on personal growth, well-being and self-healing and not on clinical work.

4. I am not receiving psychological or psychiatric treatment at the moment, and I have not received it in the past; I understand that,by disclosing my psychological and psychiatric history, Inside Dreams might decide not to go ahead with the booking.

5. I take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury arising out of my work with dreams. It is my duty to check in and take care of my own physical, mental, and emotional health, and to consult a health or mental health professional if I experience symptoms of mental distress or illness.

6. By signing this document I agree for my analyst to discuss any of my dreams with her supervisor. This will done privately, without providing my name or personal details and has the aim of improving the service and the analyst’s performance.

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