A general collection of items of information that might respond to questions you have about Inside Dreams. Contact or email us directly in case of doubt.


I’m flexible about days and times as long as we discuss things in advance, and the date suits us both. If you wish to discuss things directly before booking, please send an email.


Remember your Dreams

You can find some tips on how to recall your dreams in this blog entry of mine.

Write your Dreams

Be as detailed and specific as possible. Do not discard short dream scenes or images; if you remember them, they are relevant. See this blog entry for further details.

You can write to me in English or Spanish, whichever language suits you best.

Send your Dreams

Two or three days before the session, so I can sit with your dreams before we meet. I do not do things on the spur of the moment.


To book directly go HERE. I’ve found that the most convenient thing for scheduling is sometimes a simple email, both for booking a session and rescheduling. 


We are all human, life is complex. Sometimes things happen and we cannot attend a meeting or are very late. Once is OK; two no-shows a pattern; three — there is no third. I put in a lot of effort before each session, so cancellations without a warning or without an acceptable reason are not refundable. You can always book the session again as long as the time suits us both.


For details about privacy, confidentiality and ethics go HERE.


By booking, you consent to the statement that you can find HERE.


Inside Dreams is a fully online service; therefore, the preferred method of contact is direct email or message via this website contact-form.

Contact between sessions is limited to bookings, scheduling, changes in booking times and cancellation, all practical stuff.


Sessions take between an hour (60 minutes) or an hour and a half (90 minutes) depending on whether you want just one long dream discussed or a cluster of dreams.  When you book your first session, you get 30 minutes free for me to get to know you and to see if Inside Dreams is what you are looking for.


Inside Dreams is not an emergency service. In case of emergency or need please contact your local emergency service (000 in Australia), or visit your usual health practitioner, or contact Lifeline, Beyondblue, or ReachOut


Dream workers create rapport and relationships bound by their love for dreams. However, not everybody feels the spark with everyone, so you might not like my accent, my approach, my energy, or the way I work with your dreams. The contrary is also true. Our first meeting serves as a test to both of us. Are we on the same page? Are we happy with each other? Do we understand each other? Am I what you are looking for?


A the end of your session you will receive an email with ‘homework’, some tasks or exercises that I advise you to work on until we meet next. The homework involves you being an active self-aware participant in your waking and dreaming life, and requires you do some inner work on your own. Even if you take on board everything I suggest, you will need some time to go through it. Needless to say, it is up to you to take it anything I say or recommend on board or not, if it resonates with you or not. 

We will not discuss your dreams by email, and we won’t talk about them once a session is over and until we meet for the next session, if there is any. You can email me in-between sessions for practical matters like, bookings, rescheduling or cancelling of a session, or to ask for further details about the service.

If you book another session, then you and the analyst will discuss the homework; sometimes, this is important because some follow-up dreams relate to the issues mentioned in the homework. If there is no further sessions, keep that homework in mind, as a guide or as a reminder of things of what the dreams might want to tell pay attention to. 


Inside Dreams is all about flexibility. We can meet via Skype or Zoom, but I’m open to any other platform or instant messaging app (WhatsUp, LINE, Telegram, etc.). If you live in Australia we can also communicate by landline or mobile phone.

We can hold the session only voice or voice & video, whatever suits you best. Personally, I prefer voice over video, because it allows the session to focus on the dream and not on what/who we see, but you have the last word on this.


You can pay for your session online, using your credit card, HERE. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

If you prefer to pay more privately and get an easy PayPal payment link, drop a line and I will send it directly to you. 

If you are an Australian citizen or resident, direct deposit (Bank transfer) is also available. Please contact me for details.

You may pay for as many sessions in advance as you like, but I recommend starting with just one until you know that you want to work with us. 


The price of the sessions, in Australian Dollars, is clearly stated in the Bookings page. If you are an Australian citizen or resident and hold a valid up-to-date Healthcare Card or Pensioner Card you can book the concession session. However, you will need to email me a photo of your current card within 24 hours of your booking for the session to be held at that price. Otherwise, you will have to pay the session in full. 


You can find the terms & conditions and privacy policy on which Inside Dreams operates HERE.


I follow the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Consumers’ rights and obligations, and no refund will be given if the client simply changes his/her mind and doesn’t attend the session. See also cancellations.


I live in Melbourne, Australia (UC+10). I recommend you to use a time conversion app like World Clock Meeting Planner or something similar before scheduling your session.


Once we finish our session, I recollect my thoughts on our discussion on your dreams and I send you a text or ‘exercise’, food for thought, for you to focus on in-between sessions. Not all  sessions are the same; some dreams are literal and don’t need further comment, while others are complex and demand the client spending some time with them. The client doesn’t have to get back to the analyst after receiving the homework email except to acknowledge  it. See also the epigraph In-between Sessions.


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