NEWS: DreamTime Winter 2020 Issue

The new issue of DreamTime for year 2020 has just been published. It contains a very interesting, eclectic and enjoyable issue of DreamTime with articles from different dream experts, researchers and artists. I’m one of the contributors, with an article on dreamscapes, which also includes some of my digital artwork. My name is not on the cover but I am in.

Contact the IASD office ( on how to purchase the paper copy or PDF copy. Prices are very cheap, and you will be supporting a wonderful organisation that invest every penny on supporting dream research, and has scholarships and grants for young researchers and artists working on dreams.

If you become a member of the IASD, the copies of the IASD’s DreamTime and Dreaming magazines for the year you are subscribing to will be offered to you on digital format for free.

This is just an image, not the whole magazine, so you cannot download anything by clicking on it!

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