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Hello dreamers. I hope you are well and healthy.

People are dreaming more these days, the newspapers say. The presence of a novel virus, coronavirus or COVID-19, and the social restrictions and lockdown measures adopted at a global scale are affecting our dreams.

Why are we Having more dreams?

We are not. It is just that some people, especially those who usually don’t remember them, that they don’t pay attention to them, are remembering them. On the one hand, people who usually have a good dream recall and work with their dreams have seen an increase in COVID-19-themed dreams. Most dreams are vivid when we experience them, it is just that we don’t realise that unless we remember them. The reasons why we are having a higher number of dreams remembered are, among others:

  1. The constant bombardment with alarming news and increase in anxiety and other negative emotions feed our fears about our own and others’ health, job situation, the planet, and the future.
  2. Changes in our sleeping patterns. Some people are sleeping more than usually do. Most wake up differently and go to bed not at the same time.
  3. Changes in our daily routines. Our days are less structured. We are staying at home more because we don’t have a job anymore or work from home.

Among other things, we dream to process emotions and feelings, especially those negative, so it is just natural that our worries about the current situation pop up in our dream world so that our psyche can process them and make sense of them.

Dreams on the Media.

This being the case, there is an unusually interest on the subject of dreams in the media, especially in reputed journals, something unseen. The quality of the articles varies. Some of them are based on reputed dream researchers work (mostly Deirdre Barrett), while others are been done by dream analysts or dream workers, some of them with great insight, some others with unremarkable fluff.

What is remarkable, is the amount of articles on the subject in the media, the domino effect that this is having on the rest of the media, and the fact that we can find long articles discussing the subject. Normally, the realm of dreams is related to a naughty corner in mass media as something entertaining but irrelevant, like the astrology section. However, this is not the case these days.

Overall, this is good news for people who work with their dreams as it creates awareness about dream science, dream research and the importance of dreams in society. All of them reflect patterns of dreaming and the different ways in which different people digest and process the historical events that we are witnessing in this pandemic.

I have collected here some of th articles that I have been coming across, chronologically ordered.


Dreams can be worked in many different ways, and they provide information that goes from the personal to the universal,  from the inner to the social. They mirror our personal life but also the times we live in, and they express literally or, more commonly, metaphorically. We can work on both layers in exploring the same dream. Even those that seem coronavirus-related have insights about our inner life, our psyche, our soul, our emotional needs and trauma.

3th April 2020.

We’re All Having Coronavirus Dreams Now by Shayla Love on Vice.

4th April 2020.

Chris Cuomo Is Having Bizarre Coronavirus Dreams & He’s Not The Only One by Elly Belle on Refinery29.

7th April 2020.

You’re not imagining it: We’re all having intense coronavirus dreams by Rachel Schnalzer on Los Angeles Times.

9th April 2020.

People May Be Remembering More Dreams During the Pandemic by Kelly Bulkeley on Psychology Today.

10th April 2020.

Are We All Having More Dreams In Lockdown? by The Project staff on 10 Daily.

11th April 2020.

Edith Piaf sneezed on my cheesecake’ and other coronavirus dreams by Monica Hesse on the Washington Post.

12th April 2020.

Common Themes in Dreams About the Pandemic. Nightmarish themes are plaguing people’s dreams during the crisis by Kelly Bulkeley on Psychology Today.

Coronavirus has created an epidemic of weird dreams by Will Pritchard on WIRED.

13th April 2020.

Why Am I Having Weird Dreams Lately? by Caity Weaver in The New York Times.

15th April 2020.

The pandemic is giving people vivid, unusual dreams. Here’s why by Rebecca Renner on National Geographic.

16th April 2020.

Dreaming during the pandemic: What to do with the escalation of collective and dreadful images by Dr. Leslie Ellis on Medium.

The Science Behind Your Weird Coronavirus Dreams (And Nightmares) by Sophie Weiner on Time.

18th April 2020.

Having Vivid Coronavirus Dreams During The Pandemic? Experts Decode Them by Brittany Wong on the HuffPost.

19th April 2020.

Why Are We All Having Such Crazy Dreams? This Researcher Has Some Answers by Elise Taylor on Vogue.

21st April 2020.

Coronavirus dreams: Why are people having lockdown nightmares? by Olivia Lang at BBC News.

22nd April 2020.

Pandemic Dreams with Laura Payne on the So you Think You’re Intuitive Podcast  by Natalie Miles. Podcast.

24th April 2020.

You’re not the only one having vivid dreams in quarantine by Lauren Daley on The Boston Globe.

Having Weird Coronavirus Dreams? by Sarah Ellis on Healthcentral.

Who says COVID dreams are bizarre? by Rodger Kamenetz on Medium.

3th April 2020.

White Shores with Theresa Cheung, Season 2, Episode 1: Lockdown Dreams with lucid dreaming professor, Dr Clare Johnson. Podcast.

2nd May 2020.

Why your dreams have been more vivid during the outbreak by Mori Rothman on PBSO News Hour Weekend. Podcast + transcript.

5th May 2020.

Coronavirus: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream on NPR (Podcast).

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