I’m Dr. Teresa, a dreamer and a dream analyst.

I arrived at dreamwork as a profession when I was laid off after a long scholarly career that provided me with a comfortable lifestyle, but was dragging my soul. The transition, albeit painful, has been organic; a natural evolution from the brain to the heart, from the duty to the passion, from the daily to the wondrous.

I’m an introvert, so I naturally enjoy one-to-one deep relationships and conversations. Therefore, dream analysis is a natural fit for my personality.


I come from a family of dreamers who have always shared dreams in the morning, and dreams are an important part of my life, part of me, like a bodily organ. 

I’ve always tended to my dreams, written them down, shared them with family and friends, re-lived them, explored them, and listened to their powerful messages at important times in my life.

Dream analysis has been part of my life during the last five years, and one of the things that I most enjoy in life. I see the difference it makes in my life, for good.

The first book I read about dreamwork was Inner Work by Robert A. Johnson, a book that pushed me to explore my dreams further.


Magic. Challenge. Exploration. Nothing compares to the wondrous door that opened to me when I undertook dream analysis with a dream analyst.

I consider my dream practitioner the person who knows me best in the world, more than my parents, friends or partners have ever known me. When we do dreamwork regularly we open every part of us to the practitioner, even those parts that we hide from the people we love most. A practitioner is a guide, a witness, a facilitator, an interrogator, a listener, a confessor, a researcher, a kindred spirit.

Dream analysis opens a part of us that ushers our true self out into the world, and that’s a gift.


To me, having a dreamwork session is as important as having a physiotherapy session, visiting my doctor, having a chat with friends over a meal, or going to an empty place of worship to pray when I find it necessary. It’s a pity that our modern world has forgotten the joys and magic of sharing dreams at home and with others on a daily basis, in the same way that we share our workday or holiday adventures.

I’ve cried and laughed, depending on the case, in some of my dream sessions. I’ve seen a transformation in the ways I act and express my feelings in the world, increased my level of self-awareness and expanded my consciousness. I’ve experienced many instances of synchronicity after a dreamwork session, which have made me ponder about the boundaries between the waking and the dream worlds.


I’m a certified FSM Dreamwork Practitioner by the DreamStar Institute in the USA; I trained under the  guidance of Prof. Scott Sparrow, the director of the centre; I am the first person to be certified and insured on this system in Australia.

I’m also training on embodied dreamwork with Sue Scavo, co-director of the Students of the Dream School in the USA.

I take the opportunity to learn from dreamwork teachers who have different dream approaches. I’ve taken courses with Rodger Kamenetz on Natural Dreamwork, and on Jungian and Jungian-derived dreamwork and psychotherapy at the Zur Institute, the Ashville Jung Centre and the Jung Platform.

Part of my duty of care towards you is to be as much prepared as I can; this being the case, I have supervisors and mentors to whom I can turn to for guidance.


I’m  a proud member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and of the Depth Psychology Alliance.


Is for your to experience the same magic, level of transformation and awareness that I experience when I do dream analysis with a practitioner. Everything you need or want to know about yourself is, in fact, inside your dreams.

It will be my honour to walk by your side while we explore your dreams together.

Warmly, Teresa


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